What we do

What we do and some FAQ’s

We are  General Contractors  which means that we coordinate and supervise well vetted sub-contractors to perform the work you need done ie: plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating & air conditioning etc.

Sometimes we use our own employees to do the work but it depends on a variety of different factors, for instance: 

  1. Who is available to do the work i.e scheduling.
  2. The size of the job.
  3. What is legal- here is an example: our employees can change light bulbs and solve a few other electrical issues but we will need to bring in a licensed electrician to do anything advanced.  

What else do you do? We buy homes etc., fix them up and rent them out or resell them. We are also Property Managers for a few select estates in San Diego County.

Thats not enough, what else do you do?

We have been manufacturing & installing Backbending Benches and Yoga Rope Walls for many years. Its a long story...visit Mandiram.com.

Do you use contracts? Yes, always & if something changes we will issue a change order that needs to be signed by the owner(s) & if it’s an addition it needs to be paid for before we can continue with the work. Clients have the option to sign any contract and pay online.


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