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Our founder & CEO has been cultivating global relationships for 59 years. He's done some other strange things too, for instance, ashtanga yoga for 29 years. Just Sayin...

Moving on..we are a dynamic crew of likeminded professionals who care about the wellness of others in our community and the world at large. We love partnering with other locals for events and collaborations, and are always open to new ideas. We focus on bringing people together in a space where everybody is always welcome. If you would like to talk to any of these's clients.
Feel free to contact us anytime & we will introduce you to them.

Jim McMenamin

Lee Stein

Alison Lewis

Chris Cannon

Debbee Rawitz

Joe Stumpt

Joey Ellis

Julie Chippendale

Jutta Hecht

Lara Nelson

Rosie Karel

Sue Chek

The Johnson Family

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