ADU's in Encinitas California

  • Offering selection of pre-approved ADU building plans
  • Reduce pre-construction costs
  • Expedited building permits

The city has contracted two architects to provide eight Permit-Ready Plans. Yvonne St. Pierre, AIA, Design Path Studio, and Bart Smith, AIA, DZN Partners.

The city of Encinitas passed a new ordinance that waives all city development fees and has provided pre-approved ADU building plans.

  • EASIER – Multiple pre -approved building plans to select from
  • CHEAPER – City Development Fees waived, Reduced pre-construction costs
  • FASTER – Expedited building permits, Saved time on planning and design

Design Path Studio:

DZN Partners:

Potential Program Savings:

  • 3 – 6 Months of planning and design
  • Average total savings:
    • $10,000 - $18,000

ADU Development Standards:

Click HERE for a full list of the Standards for building your ADU. Provided by the city of Encinitas

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