About Dennis Dean

I’m a real estate investor and general contractor in the San Diego area. I started from the ground up,  serving my first apprenticeship at the age of 17 for 5 years, digging and pouring foundations for building custom homes in San Diego and quickly cultivated advanced skills as a finish carpenter, foreman and supervisor.

I continue to successfully complete projects in many different areas of the United States and Europe. This has helped me to work with a wide variety of different types of people and understand their needs in both my real estate investment pursuits and as a general contractor and craftsman. I rehabbed my first house flip in Chico California for an investor at the age of 22 (1982) and have been passionately involved in both fields since then.

Upcoming projects include:
Building from the ground up a new garage / granny flat in Solana Beach starting in March 2018


Computer generated drawing of the Ellis Project  




Parting words: I’m passionate about my work and care deeply about maintaining positive relationships with all that I have come in contact with whether it is within my professional career our my personal endeavors.